Sports and Cultural Activiteis

The minister of Higher Education has underscored the need for Private Higher Institutions of Learning to be part of the University games as well as The University Festival of Arts and Culture UNIFAC. Speaking during a two days sensitization and planification Seminar for University Sports and Cultural Activities in the University of Buea October 10th and 11th the personal representative of the Minister Madam Wanah Letumbe emphasized that Private Institutions should intensify and promote sporting activities in thier different Institutions as a build up to University games because this promotes unity, enhances peace, patriotism, cultural discoveries, site seeing amongst others.
She added that UNIFAC is equally another avenue to explore given its 14 disciplines that includes oral literature, professional photography, theater, creativity, plastic arts etc. Other issues addressed during the seminar was the development of the draft rotation schedule for University games and UNIFAC, registration and anual/participation fee, the National Policy on post and peri-academic activities amongst others. FOMIC POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY was represented by the Vice Chancellor Professor Nol Alembong and the marketing Manager M. Monie C. Y