Bachelors Degree

 Fomic Polytechnic offers Bachelor degrees in the Engineering. These degrees are done in partnership with the University of Buea (UB) under the mentorship agreement set out by the Ministry of Higher Education.

After their HND, students with cumulative grade point average of 12/20 and above may apply for admission into the Bachelor’s degree program. No student below this CGPA will be admitted into the program.

  • Bachelor of Technology Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology Network Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology Telecommunications


The School of Engineering & Technology offers the following specializations:

Domain: Information and Communication Technology 

Field: Computer  Engineering:

  1. Hardware Maintenance
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Computer Science and Network
  4. Computer Maintenance
  5. Hardware Maintenance
  6. Industrial Computing and Automation 
  7. Computer Graphics and Web Design 
  8. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Field: Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

  1. Electronics
  2. Electronic Power Systems
  3. Maintenance of Industrial Systems
  4. Maintenance of Bio-metric Equipments
  5. Control, Instrumentation and Regulation

Field: Civil Engineering:

  1. Civil Engineering Technology
  2. T0pography
  3. Urban Planning
  4. Geotechnics
  5. Sanitary Installation and Plumbing
  6. Building science and Technology
  7. Real Estate Maintenance
  8. Road and Civil Engineering

Field: Mechanical Engineering

  1. Metal Construction
  2. Mechanical Manufacturing
  3. Mechanical Construction
  4. Boiler Making and Welding

Field: Petroleum and Mining Engineering

  1. Applied Geology
  2. Drilling Technology
  3. Quarries Operation
  4. Petroleum Systems And Exploitation
  5. Petroleum Logistics