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           Of the thousands of schools in the world offering Medical Sciences and even among the handful of higher institutions in Cameroon and Africa, FOMIC POLYTECHNIC is an extraordinary school and embedded as one of the country’s best universities. At FOMIC POLYTECHNIC’s home for Medical and Biomedical students, you can meet people from business, engineering and more, for your ventures.  Simply put it, we are stronger together. 


As our mission, we work with individuals, leading medical institutions, governments and civil society organizations to take on the challenges we face and make the world a better place. The office of the Dean provides institutional vision, support, and guidance for FOMIC’s academic and administrative operations. We aim to make advancement in the School’s mission to nurture a diverse dynamic, inclusive community dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving health and well-being for all through excellence in teaching and learning, research and service and leadership. Our faculty team comprises of medical educators, clinicians, researchers, physician-scientists, and students united in a common mission, that is to alleviate suffering and improving health and well-being for.

Our convergent spirit of propelling and collaborative works enkindle.significant findings and creativity to education, health care, and research and sets a standard for discovery and service worth emulating. We are geared towards preparing leaders committed to addressing the health challenges of today and tomorrow and who are entirely committed to delivering the best care possible to future generations.

The School’s academic programs include Higher National Diploma, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing, Midwifery, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Health Sanitary Inspector, with specialized MSc programs in Pediatric Nursing, Reproductive Health, Masters in Public Health (MPH), MSc in Chemical Pathology, Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology, amongst others.

You will find our renowned faculty to be highly focused on student success. The faculty is dedicated to enhance the learning outcomes of the students, keeping them inspired and optimistic for their future opportunities. Our students are taught not just as excellent healthcare workers, but also groomed as future entrepreneurs to provide the best health care possible.

 We invite you to take an in-depth look at the academic programs detailed on this website. Each program site has the objectives, skills to be acquired, employment opportunities, and admission requirements.

I am proud to lead this distinguished school and I am inspired every day by the work and accomplishments of the students and colleagues I am privileged to serve. I welcome your involvement in and support for our institution, one that is dedicated to safeguarding and improving the health of mankind.

Our programs have been discussed in-depth below and we hope to satisfy your interests. Thank you for the visiting our page, do not make it your last- enroll in a FOMIC Business School program today.

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HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Medical Laboratory Science

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc


HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc


HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Health Sanitary Inspector

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Public Health

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Chemical Pathology

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Pediatric Nursing

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Reproductive Health

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Clinical Microbiology & Parasitology

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc

Nutrition and Dietetics

HND / Top Up Bsc / Direct BSc / Msc