Michael F Fossung, PhD, CPA

FOMIC Polytechnic University founded in 2011 is a private higher institute of learning approved and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Cameroon and supervised by the University of BUEA and the University of BAMENDA. She runs three schools; the  SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, the SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, and theSCHOOL OF MEDICAL & BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES with campuses at Sandpit Great Soppo Buea, South West Region, and Entrée Pilote Bonaberi Douala, Littoral Region. Her programs are: HND, BTECH, BSc, MBA, MSc, Professional Certifications such as; CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CS (Certified Secretary), CIFA (Certified Investment & Financial Analyst), etc. and Diploma Qualifications.

Embellished with ultra-modern facilities; a cream of qualified teaching staff with a solid academic and professional background, online student portal with digital library, and in partnership with; the Swiss Management Centre University of Switzerland (SMC), Savannah State University (SSU) the USA, the University of Ulser UK, FOMIC is poised as one of the leading institutions in training, educating, motivating and inspiring innovative and transformational leaders; inculcating them with a culture of; hard work, integrity, resilience and professional and academic excellence. Her students are at the frontline of digitalization, technology, and entrepreneurship which empowers them to understand their role as job creators and employees.

The world today is stricken and staggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, though it troubles me deeply to think of the immense ordeals that surely await each of you, yet, all the while, my heart is filled with pride and anticipation knowing that we are up to the challenge and shall continue to innovate and create new horizons.

Fomic is not only a great place to learn, but also a great place to work and teach. It is time for you to have a deep understanding of your stories and motivation, that you can step out and be someone by the choices you made to transform our world. Put on the light of hope even further by working with people and institutions that encourage hope.

Sandpit campus Buea, former GCE Board junction FOMIC street

FOMIC resource center Molyko, Behind BICEC Bank UB junction.

Douala campus, Entree Pilot, Bonaberi .

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