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Professor Esendugue Greg Fonsah

I am deeply honored and humbled to serve as the Chancellor of FOMIC Polytechnic University (FPU).  In this new prestigious position, I am committed to the quality of education offered at FPU, in both the Buea and Douala campuses.  

I plan to bring my teaching, research, extension and outreach knowledge and expertise and to utilize my 33 years’ corporate and academic experiences to elevate FPU to the highest level of knowledge production and dissemination in Cameroon and entire Sub-Saharan African Region.  With my vivid understanding of both the Anglo-Saxon and Francophone educational systems, my focus is to provide total quality assurance educational system in all our academic and professional programs with the goal of elevating FPU as #1 private institution of higher learning in the country and region.  

Despite the crises caused by Covid-19 pandemic, our country’s economy is booming especially in the areas of new businesses and infrastructural development, thus, the need for well-trained qualified human resource professional needed in the various labor markets. To bridge these qualified labor shortages, FPU’s School of Business, Engineering and Medical Biomedical Sciences are preparing top notch students with hands-on experiences ready to fill the gap in the current and future job markets.  We offer different levels and high-quality programs such as HNDs, B. Techs, BSc. and MBAs in our various schools.  

Furthermore, given that our country and continent are highly agriculture base, FPU is ready to create a new International School of Agricultural Sciences and Bio Engineering.  This school will train the badly needed future agricultural scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals to fill the huge gap.   We will offer degrees courses for future scientists and certification and short refresher courses for professionals already in the field or those interested in new start-up ventures such as crop production using plasticulture, aquaponics, integrated rice farming and aquaculture cage fish farming to name a few.

I wish to express my appreciation to the Vice-Chancellor, the Rector and all the Professors and Staff for their leadership and effervescent commitment for excellence.


Professor Nol Alembong
Vice Chancellor

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Dr. Ekwi Damian Nsongmayi
dean school of medical & biomoedical science

VICE dean, school of engineering

Dr. Timia Gwendoline Bauket
dean school of business

director of academic affairs

Ms Enseng Marinette Nji
dean school of engineering

DR Ada Mbai Ekolok
Head of department - business

administration & business developement

Mrs. yolande kima
business development manager

administrative assistant

ms monie clarence yufanwi
marketing manager

MS. Fossung Ndabah Agustina
administrative assistant

mr. eladson lionel esua
accounting officer