– FOMIC POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY is purely mentored and supervised by the Universities of Buea and Bamenda, and our certificates are duly signed/recognised by these Universities. Our Degrees and Diplomas mean a lot in the job market and will open doors to interesting opportunities once earned.

– FOMIC POLYTECHNIC has a cream of qualified lecturers and top ranking professors with great teaching standards and assessment skills to better groom our students for both public/official exams and readiness for the job market as well as fill in your gap-years.

– FOMIC is amongst top ranked Universities when it comes to HND Results, productivity in the job market, sustainable self-employment amongst others……..we resonate with your values.

– We have the best professional network programmes with our Partner Universities (KASNEB, SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY USA AND THE UNIVERSITY OF ULSER UK) with a curriculum tailored to meet your needs. We can equally facilitate travels for these different programmes.

– Our school is not only accessible but also equipped with Ultra-Modern facilities and FREE INTERNET CONNECTION 24/7 so as to provide quality need-based teaching and research.

We blend theories with practicals and never hesitate to link up and expose our students to any activity that will propel their future.

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