Specialty: Project Management

Five key career paths for newly qualified Project

Project administrators

Project administrators typically handle all handle tasks needed to complete a project.

Project Coordinator

A project coordinator works alongside project managers to locate the necessary materials needed to implement a project, like meetings, information, equipment or resources.

Project Estimators

Project estimators work to determine how much an incoming project costs by evaluating each piece of it.

Financial Planning Analyst

A financial planning analyst closely examines an organization’s performance investments, including their bonds, commodities and stocks to offer plans and guidance to improve its financial performance.

Project Managers

Project managers handle all stages of a project, from start to finish.


  • The objective of the training

The objective of this specialty is to train technicians capable of leading projects of

enterprises in all sectors (industrial, service, commercial, technological and cultural),

through the development of the enterprise and the acquisition of theoretical and

practical knowledge in project management.

  •  Skills Sought After

General skills

– Understand the professional and economic environment and


– Master the use of the computer;

– Be apt in oral and written communication;

– Be capable of team leadership.

Specific Skills

Innovate, create, and ameliorate a project, product or process:

– Identify local, national and international partners;

– Monitoring technological and competitive development;

Coordinate a project:

– Carry out feasibility studies;

– Define the operational objectives of the project;

– Identify the working tools;

– Prepare the technical file.

Search and treatment of information:

– Identify the sources to exploit

– Analyze and summarize information found.

  •  Outlets

– Assistant project manager;

– Assistant marketer;

– Officer responsible for public relations;

– Planner of the projects.

Organization of the Teachings

fee structure

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