. The objective of the training

The objective of the training is to give the student knowledge to ensure the rehabilitation of people suffering from physical paralysis, respiratory problems or rheumatism and trauma.

  1. Research Skills

Generic skills

-Be responsible, reflexive and relational ;

-Have adequate gestures and capacities;

-Develop adequate interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to be able to interact effectively with their patients, entourage and the health team

-Should be trustworthy and reliable;

-Have the capacity for critical thinking, analysis and questioning;

-Develop ethical values of a normal professional;

-Make thoughtful and informed decisions;

-Be able to act with autonomy and responsibility in his area ofcompetence.

-Master the computer tool and ICT

Specific skills

-Perform manual or instrumental actions of rehabilitation, which aim to prevent the alteration of functional abilities, to contribute to their maintenance and, when they are altered, to restore or to supplement;

-Adapt to the evolution of science and technology;

-Know the laws of mechanics applicable to the human being;

-Master health policy and evolution as well as the issues of the sectoral health strategy in Cameroon and health legislation;

-Perform physiotherapy techniques,taking into account the psychological, social, economic and cultural characteristics of each patient’s personality;

-Communicate to other health team any information likely to be useful for the establishment of the medical diagnosis or the adaptation of the

treatment according to the state of health of the person and its evolution;

-Be able to perform sport related physiotherapy techniques.Page 319 of 572

  1. Opportunities

-Public function;

-Hospitals and private clinics;

-NGO (Non Governmental Organizations);


-Sport and physical education;

-Occupational Medicine