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Objectives of the trainiNG

The objective of this specialty is to provide holders of the certificate with theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them participate in all activities relating to air transport operations performed by air transport companies, management of airport services and the administration of air transport.

Skills Sought After

General skills

  • Understand the professional and economic environment;
  •  Be apt in oral and written communication;
  •  Be apt in sales and commercial negotiations;
  •  Master the legal framework of the activity and be able to analyze the applicable taxation rules;
  •  Master the use of NIT applicable to air transport;
  •  Be capable of having a second look at a problem and finding the solution that meets the expectations of the client and the marketing policy of the enterprise;
  •  Be flexible.


Specific Skills

  •  Technical preparation of the flight (aircraft loading plan);
  •  Issuing of tickets;
  •  Processing of passengers;
  •  Processing of luggage and freight;
  •  Management of security and security of the flight.


  •  Airport and customer service reception officer;
  •  Commercial stop over and customer relation officer;
  •  Import and export agent;
  •  Technical operating officer;
  •  Freight agent.

Organization of the Teachings