1. Objective of the training This specialty aims to train nutrition professionals who can apply nutrition science to the nutrition and education of individuals and groups, whether they are healthy or ill.
  1. Research Skills

Generic skills

-Work independently, collaborate in a team;

-Analyze, synthesize a professional document (French, English);

-Communicate orally, in writing, in business or outside (French, English);

-Participate in / lead a project management process;

-Know and exploit the professional and institutional networks of the food and nutritional sectors.

Specific skills

-Evaluate the nutritional status of a patient;

-Formulate diets and make dietary dishes;

-Facilitate therapeutic education sessions;

-Interact with other specialists in the field of food in the food industries, catering and sports medicine by sharing its skills on nutritional quality and nutritional balance.

-Conduct consumer surveys and participate in the development of new products.

  1. Opportunities


-Educational establishment;

-Sports Center;

-Food industry ;

-House of cure or retirement.

-Nutritionist or dietetician (counsellor)

-Food or restaurant manager

-Food and health reporter

-Editor, advertising or marketing specialist

-Catering manager