1. Objective of the Training:
  • The main objective of this program is to provide students with a strong professional background of nutrition.
  • The department is aimed at creating a generation of holistic nutrition health care providers that will promote sustainable quality health care.
  1. Skills to be acquired:
  • Work independently, collaborate in a team.
  • Participate and lead a project management process.
  • Know and exploit the professional and institutional networks of the food and nutritional sectors.
  • Evaluate the nutritional status of a patient, formulate diets and make dietary dishes
  • Facilitate therapeutic education session, interact with other specialist in the field of food in the food industry, catering and sports medicine by providing skills on nutritional quality and nutritional balance.
  • Conduct consumer survey and participate in the development of new products.
  • Carry out effective independent research.

3. Opportunities for Students.

  • During studies, the school facilitates the securing of a voluntary internship for Students in well-equipped hospitals.
  • Students can access facilities on campus such as the Library, Simulation center and Teaching Laboratories to facilitate learning.
  • Students can obtain free laptops after registration

4. Upon Graduation

Graduates can gain employment with;

  • The Public service, Private health service, NGOs, and related Industries.
  • With the background in Entrepreneurship acquired during studies, students can become self employed and even create job opportunities for others.

5. Highlights Worthy of Pride

  • We have a well-equipped Teaching health center that facilities the practical teaching of students
  • Our team of qualified and devoted teachers guarantee the delivery of up to date knowledge and ensures the professionalism of our programmes
  • Over the years we have also built and maintain a great working relationship with hospitals and Healthcare service providers for the Clinical Internships of our students
  • We also enjoy the benefits of collaboration and support from established foreign University such as the Savanna State University of the United States of America.