The objective of the training:

This program aims to train professionals able to analyze a health situation, make decisions within the limits of their competence and to conduct interventions independently or in a multidisciplinary team.

  1. Skills to be acquired ®
  • Develop ethical values of a normal professional;
  • Make thoughtful and informed decisions;
  • Be able to act with autonomy and responsibility in his area of competence.
  • Master the computer tool and ICT
  • Evaluate a clinical situation and establish a diagnosis in the Nursing field;
  • Design and lead a project of Nursing;
  • Accompany a person in the performance of daily health care
  • Implement the actions towards diagnostic and therapeutic purposes;
  • Initiate and implement the educational, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care;
  • Communicate and conduct a relationship in the context of care; – Analyze the quality of care and improve professional practice; – Be able to work with health information systems and related team;
  • Organize and coordinate interventions among health caregivers;
  • Be able to share knowledge and the skills with other health professionals. 

Employment opportunities

  • Public Service
  • Private hospitals and Clinics
  • NGO (Non  Governmental Organizations)
  • Self-employment
  • research and Training