1. Objective of the Training:

The mission of the department of Midwifery is to provide high-quality graduates with strong professional background. Also, to produce a generation of holistic health care providers that will promote sustainable quality health care. In addition to the HND programs, BSc (Top-up), BSc and MSc. Programs, the school will offer students international training standards that qualifies our graduates to sit for any national and other international exams. Our students upon graduation are equipped for the job market and global public health challenges.

  1. Research Skills:
  • Acquire adequate midwifery skills to enable them work independently and efficiently in the prenatal care of pregnant women
  • Delivery and postnatal care nursing mothers and to carry out clinical diagnosis
  • Treatment and control of communicable and non-communicable pathologies during pregnancy, and after delivery.
  • Also, they will be able to work with health information system and related team, analyze the quality of e well equipped to carry out effective independent research.

3. Opportunities for Students.

  • During studies, the school facilitates the securing of a voluntary internship for Students in well-equipped hospitals.
  • Students can access facilities on campus such as the Library, Simulation center and Teaching Laboratories to facilitate learning.
  • Students can obtain free laptops after registration

4. Upon Graduation

Graduates can gain employment with;

  • The Public service, Private health service, NGOs, and related Industries.
  • With the background in Entrepreneurship acquired during studies, students can become self employed and even create job opportunities for others.

5. Highlights Worthy of Pride

  • We have a well-equipped Teaching health center that facilities the practical teaching of students
  • Our team of qualified and devoted teachers guarantee the delivery of up to date knowledge and ensures the professionalism of our programmes
  • Over the years we have also built and maintain a great working relationship with hospitals and Healthcare service providers for the Clinical Internships of our students
  • We also enjoy the benefits of collaboration and support from established foreign University such as the Savanna State University of the United States of America.