1. Objective of the training

This training aims to produce executives able to detect by laboratory tests, the various pathologies that can affect the human body.

  1. Research Skills

Generic skills

-Receive or collect and check the biological sample and record the date, time of collection, patient details, etc ;

-Prepare the analyzers, the reagents and the biological sample (fractionation, distribution according to the type of analysis);

-Process the sample by centrifugation, dilution, heating, and monitor the progress of the analysis and record the data;

-Compare the results of the analysis with previous results, minimum values, maximum values and establish the report;

-Monitor the inventory status of consumables, establish replenishment orders and arrange the equipment according to their validity date and storage conditions;

-Check the operation of the analyzers, update the maintenance register and inform in case of malfunction;

-Disinfect, decontaminate, tidy the workstation and equipment;

-Proceed with the evacuation and disposal of waste.

-Master the computer tool and ICT.

Specific skills

-Perform biological analyzes on blood samples, secretions, tissues, urine, stools, etc

-Conduct biological analyzes in anatomo-cytopathology, bacteriology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, hematology, immunology / serology, virology;

-Check the feasibility of a biological sample and inform the patient about its progress;

-Take a blood sample, monitor the patient’s reactions and intervene as needed

-Manage the stock of labile blood products in an establishment and supply the units of care;

-Conduct training actions within an organization.

  1. Opportunities

-Public function;

-Hospitals and private clinics;

-NGO (Non Governmental Organizations);


-Agribusiness ;

-Occupational Medicine ;

-Research and training