. The objective of the training

This specialty aims to respond to a need expressed by businesses: surround of commerciaL  equipped, perfectly impregnated with the logic marketing, sensitized on the changing needs of the consumer and oriented toward the development of sales in an environment characterized by the competition.

The powers sought

General Skills

  • The understanding of the international economy;
  • The mastery of foreign languages; cross cultural The Ability to negotiate;
  • The understanding of the professional environment;
  • To be able to work under pressure; The adaptability.

Specific Skills

  • Understand strategic logic marketing;
  • Understand the challenges faced by the business in a competitive environment; Understand the determinants of the commercial success of the company;
  • Sell in an affordable manner and cost effective;
  • Lead a sales team toward the achievement of objectives;
  • Animate a point of sale;
  • Do the carry out bench marking to increase sales


  •  Facilitator of the sales;
  •  Attached to the customership;
  •  Sales representative;
  •  Responsible for the sales.

Organization of the Teachings

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