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Fomic Polytechnic, founded in 2011, is a Private Higher Institute accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon and mentored by the University of BUEA and the University of Bamenda. There are three Schools (Faculties) in the Polytechnic; the School of Business, the School of Engineering, and the School of Medical & Biomedical Sciences, with campuses in Buea and Douala. 

The following degree programmes are offered within the three Schools; HND, B.Tech, B.Sc, MBA, M.Sc, and Professional Certifications such as; CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CS (Certified Secretary), CIFA (Certified Investment & Financial Analyst).

Fomic Polytechnic is equipped with ultra-modern learning facilities, including an online student portal and a digital learning platform. We currently use the G Suite for Education provided by Google and are connected to many digital libraries. The Polytechnic has high-profile faculty members drawn from the world’s best Universities and Industry faculty members with high professional experiences in various specialties.

The Polytechnic is currently in partnership with Savannah State University USA, the University of Ulster UK, and the Kenyan Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (Kasneb). We position ourselves as one of the leading institutions in training, motivating, and inspiring innovative and transformational leaders, instilling them with a culture of hard work, integrity, resilience, and professional and academic excellence.

Our students are at the frontline of digitalization, technology, and entrepreneurship, which empowers them to understand their role as job creators and employers. Fomic is not only a great place to learn but also a great place to work. We have a highly motivated staff.

Whatever your mission in visiting our site is, you are welcome! We urge you to deeply understand our stories and motivation as you move around our website; we hope that you will choose to support our vision.

Welcome to Fomic Polytechnic and the place of Academic and Professional Excellence!

Michael Forzeh Fossung, Ph.D, CPA





FOMIC GROUP represents a group of academic institutions that provide world class training in a wide range of academic disciplines.


Our Polytechnic

FOMIC Polytechnic University is one of the educational institutions within the FOMIC Group and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of 


Train highly compentent professionals skilled in research, teamwork and great leadership skills. Enable graduates to be immediately productive in the job including sustainable self-employment


Vision & Goal

Our vision is to make FOMIC Polytechnic deliver on its mission and within the framework of a single campus results that are comparable to only the world’s best 

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