Electrical power system

1. Objective of the training

Electric Power Technology is an instructor-led program sponsored by the Energy Providers Coalition for Education and developed for current and future electric utility workers. This program teaches students the components, design and operation of the electrical system and the equipment and safety procedures used when working with electricity. After completion of the core courses, students choose a specialization area to pursue such as line construction, metering, substation or system design. Classes begin every three to five weeks throughout the year.

2. Research Skills

Generic skills

-Work independently and in team collaboration;

-Analyze, synthesize professional documents (French, English);

-Orally and writing communication (French, English);

-Participate in (other) lead project management process;

-Know and exploit professional and institutional networks of electricity sectors.

Specific skills

-Explain all of these points in detail and provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to calculate fault currents,

-Select relays and associated instrument transformers appropriate to each typical system or equipment.

-You will also learn how to adjust the setting of the relays so that the relays closest to the fault will operate and clear the fault faster than the backup devices.

3. Career opportunities

-Research and development industries,

-Engineering services firms,


-Maintenance technician installing electronic systems;

-Design office designer;

-Team leader in production unit;

-Engineer assistant (measurements, tests and controls);

-After Sales Service Manager;

-Industrial production companies;

-Maintenance company of aeronautic production sites, industry.

4. Organization of the Teachings