Certified Secretaries (CS)

Certified Secretaries are expert practitioners in governance, governance audits and compliance, corporate secretarial practice, corporate law, consultancy and business management and administration.


Section 1

Paper No:

CS11  Organizational Behavior

CS12  Business Law

CS13  Business Communication

Section 2

Paper No:

CS21 Economics

CS22  Principles of Accounting

CS23  Public Finance and Taxation


Section 5

Paper No:

CS51  Human Resource Management

CS52  Financial Markets Law

CS53  Governance and Ethics

Section 6

Paper No:

CS61  Strategic Management

CS62  Public Policy and Administration

CS63  Governance and Secretarial Audit


Section 3

Paper No:

CS31  Company Law

CS32 Financial Management

CS33  Principles and Practice of Management

Section 4

Paper No:

CS41  Corporate Secretarial Practice

CS42  Management Information Systems

CS43 Law and Procedure of Meetings