Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)

Certified Investment and Financial Analysts are experts in financial analysis, investments and securities, portfolio management, pensions management, investment banking among other related areas


Section 1

Paper No:

CF11  Financial Accounting

CF12  Financial Mathematics

CF13  Entrepreneurship and Communication

Section 2     

Paper No:

CF21 Economics

CF22  Financial Institutions and Markets

CF23  Public Finance and Taxation


Section 5

Paper No:

CF51  Strategy, Governance and Ethics

CF52  Fixed Income Investments Analysis

CF53  Alternative Investments Analysis

Section 6

Paper No:

CF61  Advanced Portfolio Management

CF62  International Finance

CF63  Derivatives Analysis


Section 3

Paper No:

CF31  Regulation of Financial Markets

CF32  Corporate Finance

CF33  Financial Statements Analysis

Section 4     

Paper No:

CF41  Equity Investments Analysis

CF42  Portfolio Management

CF43 Quantitative Analysis