1. The objective of the training

This specialty has for objective to train senior technicians suited to the diverse and multiple trades related to the application of chemistry to the industry. They develop knowledge concerning the advancement, the sizing and the operating conditions which must ensure the management of the reactions industrial chemicals throughout their conduct.

2. Research Skills

Generic Skills

Work independently, collaborate in a team;

Comprehensively analyze and synthesize of a professional document

(French, English);

Communicate orally or in writing(French, English), within or out of a

company or outside;

Participate in / lead a project management process;

Know and exploit the professional networks and institutional sectors of the chemistry.

Specific skills

Control analytical tools applied to the processes;

Grasp the problems of development: of the chemical act to the production;

Size the devices of physical, chemical or biological transformations;

Analyze, optimize and control the processes;

Take into account the quality aspects, control of risk, security, sustainable development.

3. Career opportunities

Research technician and testing on pilot facilities (development of new processes);

Responsible for manufacture in traditional chemistry (mineral and organic), fine chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetics, refining, , agri-food, bio-industries,thermal;

Senior Technician to manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry

Responsible for the environment (treatment of water, air, waste…);

Engineer (designer in the field of study, assistance and Council…);


4. Organization of the Teachings