Specialty: Chemical Laboratory Technology

1. The objective of the training

The Higher National Diploma Programme in Chemistry Laboratory technology is designed to produce technologists capable of carrying out various laboratory analysis and practical works independently, specifically to:

-Carry out chemical analysis and quality control in: industry (oil, food, brewing, detergent, textiles, etc.), hospitals, schools, colleges and research institutions;

-Carry out general chemical work in industrial and academic laboratories;

-Assist in biochemical analysis and experiments in hospitals, schools, colleges and

research institutes;

-Prepare students for employment in related work such as sales, marketing, administration and management in the industries and also, for self-employment.

2. Research Skills


Generic Skills

Work independently, collaborate in a team;

Comprehensively analyze and synthesize of a professional document

(French, English);

Communicate orally or in writing (French, English), within or out of a company or outside;

Participate in / lead a project management process;

Know and exploit the professional and institutional networks of agricultural biotechnology sectors.

Specific Skills

perform basic lab operations (weighing, measuring, heating, …);

use conventional and modern procedures for the quantitative analysis and synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds;

be proficient in standard techniques used in industry;

use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze samples in the biotechnology area;

be an expert in compiling and processing laboratory;

Fabricate commercialized products.

3. Career opportunities

Work with government agencies, industries, university laboratories and consulting firms on a range of projects of quality control for research and development. Supervise in the field of, chemistry, biology or engineering technology

4. Organization of the Teachings