Specialty: Assistant Manager/ SECRETERIAL DUTIES

key career paths for newly qualified Assistant Manager

Receptionist and client greeting duties

Greet and welcome guests as soon as they arrive at the office.

Maintaining file systems

The process of inspecting files for the purposes of replacing worn files folders, mending torn documents, removing duplicate copies, locating possible misfiles, and ensuring proper sequence of contents.

Answering enquiries via phone and email

Sending a well-written customer service email response is important because your interaction with customers affects how they may feel about the company.

  • The objective of the training

This specialty, which replaces the HND in “Secretarial studies “trains the collaborators of

General, manager, Directors of units or heads of service. Organized, rigorous, dynamic,

discreet, they assist, facilitate and follow the work of the responsible in order to make it more

effective. The Assistant Manager provides mainly plays the role of interface and mediation

between the company and its environment. He is in charge of occupies the administration,

communication, organization of work, anaid to decision and can even support a specialized

file or organize an event.

  • The powers sought

General skills

– Control the economy of organizations;

– Master several languages;

– Have negotiation skills;

– Understand the professional environment;

– Be able to work under pressure;

– Demonstrate adaptability and maturity.

Specific skills

– Participate in the organization and management of the company;

– Manage and deal with the flow of information to allow for decision-making

– Ensure the function of relational interface;

– Ensure the accounting and financial management of the company;

– Master the different legal procedures;

– Be courteous, reactive and well organized ;

– Master drafting administrative.

  • Outlets

– Assistant of managers;

– Assistant of directors;

– Administrative Assistants;

– Sales assistant;

– Public relations assistant;

– Assistant of human resources;

– Office manager.

Organization of the Teachings