the objective of the training

The objective of this specialty is to provide students with the requisite knowledge and know-how to enable them to translate according to accounting rules, all the marketing and financial transactions of the enterprise and to establish corresponding documents analyze information at their disposal necessary for the preparation of decisions to be taken by management.

Skills Sought After

Five key career paths for newly qualified accountants

Internal Audit

Internal audit offers project-based work as opposed to just the pure audit you would see in an external audit role. It presents an opportunity to be very visible and develop key relationships across the entire business. It’s a great way to get to know the work of other departments.

Management Accounting

Management accountants utilise a combination of skills in their role, including accounting, management techniques and business strategy. In this area of accountancy, you will assist in the commercial decision-making process of a company rather than merely looking after the books and recording data.

Finance Manager/ Finance Controller

Industry experience at any level for an FA or FC position is highly sought after, with the finance manager level the busiest in the market.

Group Accounting

Group accountants play a vital role in some of the largest and most complex companies in the world, helping to keep them on the path of profit and sustainability. As a group accountant you will most likely work in the head office, ensuring the company is complaint and in line with the right accounting procedures.

Business Analysis / Commercial Analysis

There is a diverse set of opportunities for an experienced business analyst professional. A business analyst is someone who works with people within an organisation to understand their current business problems and needs and then interpret, translate and track the required business needs in terms of specific business requirements for solution providers to implement.

– General skills

  • Understand the economic environment and enterprises;
  • Master the use of the computer;
  •  Be apt in oral and written communication;
  •  Be capable of team leadership.

– Specific Skills

  • Realize the management of accounting, fiscal and social operations
  • (keep accounting books, prepare financial statements, etc.);
  • Analyze the profitability of the activities of the organization;
  •  Prepare budgets and follow up their execution;
  • Centralize, organize and redress the accounts of the enterprise;
  • Collaborate efficiently with hierarchy in the management of the enterprise;
  • Control and plan production;
  •  Master accounting software

– Outlets

  •  Accountant in enterprises;
  •  Account collaborator in a firm;
  •  Assistant accountant in large companies;
  •  Payroll manager;
  •  Accounting manager;
  •  Treasurer;
  •  Management controller; etc.

Organization of the Teachings

fee structure