1. Objective of the Training:

    Fomic Polytechnic offers a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) program, designed for compassionate, aspiring public health advocates. The MPH program will prepare students to serve communities in need, and improve quality of life across populations by promoting health and wellness locally and globally. Our MPH curriculum enables students to explore public health practice as a calling as well as a career.

  2. Skills to be acquired:
  • Critically analyze existing models and future needs of the field.
  • Have knowledge in the field of health education and behavior
  • Have the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each health behavior theory.
  • Empowering the community.
  • Define Epidemiology and be able to discuss the evolution and role of the field.
  1. Employment Opportunities:
  • Public and Private hospitals
  • NGO (Non-Government Organizations)
  • Sports centres
  • Self-employment
  • House of retirement
  • Counsellor
  • Agro-food sector, food and health reporter
  • Advertising or marketing specialist
  • Teaching and research
  • Catering manager

4.Admission Requirements


Applicants for the Master of Public Health (MPH) program must have obtained their undergraduate degree in Medical and Biomedical sciences in four years, Social Sciences such as Sociology and Anthropology, or any health-related domain

Duration of Studies: Two years