our MISSION statement

The primary purpose of FOMIC POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY is to provide a learning environment in which faculty, staff and students can discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom and values that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. To fulfill its mission, the university must:

  • Offer broad and balanced academic programs that are mutually reinforcing and emphasize high quality and creative instruction at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate levels
  • Maintain a level of excellence and standards in all programs that will give them statewide, national and international significance
  • Embody, through its policies and programs, respect for, and commitment to, the ideals of a pluralistic, multiracial, open and democratic society.
  • Achieve leadership in each discipline, strengthen interdisciplinary studies, and pioneer new fields of learning
  • provide quality need-based teaching and research, to instill in our students a lifelong probity and hands-on intellectual insurance.


Founded as “an institution of the highest order” and guided by the motto Academic and Professional Excellence, FOMIC POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY will help solve the greatest challenges of the 21st century by:

  • Empowering our students to fulfill their academic and professional passions in a University that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive for all students, faculty, and staff.

  • Creating innovative connections among  the social sciences, science, engineering, and health sciences.

  • Strengthening support for a dynamic faculty dedicated to teaching, mentoring, research and clinical care.

  • Serving our community of alumni and friends through imaginative programs that enrich their lifelong relationship with the University and that expand our collective contributions to the world


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