master of technology - school of engineering

The Master of Technology program in Fomic Polytechnic offer Engineering students with different programs that will help them with their career. Haven obtained the HND and Bachelor’s degree, students will be able to further their studies and obtain their degree in Master of Technology. Some benefits of this degree is;

    • A better understanding of business processes and IT strategy.

    • Enhanced technical competency in systems deployment and management.

    • Business management insights.

    • Advanced analytical and problem-solving abilities.

masters of technology programmes

  • Petroleum and Mining Engineering
    • Petroleum System Exploitation
  • Civil Engineering
    • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechanical Manufacturing
    • Automobile Mechanics
  • Computer Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Network and security
  • Electrical and Electronical Engineering 
    • Electrical Power System
    • Telecommunication and Networks
  • Chemical Engineering
    • Petrochemical Engineering
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